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The increasing availability of geospatial data has converged with advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and high-performance computing to enable mapping and analysis of the earth’s surface in unprecedented detail. Rapid innovations in sensing technologies will soon collect this data in even higher resolution and throughput. These developments offer the potential for breakthroughs in science, policy, and national security via end-to-end GeoAI systems that can provide fresh insights into how humans occupy and alter their environment over time.

This workshop seeks to imagine and shape how the scientific community can approach this challenge without losing sight of likely societal questions and impacts. Join us at this virtual event for an interdisciplinary gathering of experts from the fields of image science, computer vision, high-performance computing, architecture, machine learning, advanced workflows, and societal AI challenges to discuss the Trillion-Pixel GeoAI Challenge.

Trillion Pixel Challenge for GeoAI
April 21-22, 2021
Online event

Event virtually hosted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory on AI methods for high-resolution planetary imagery and other geospatial data.

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